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I didn’t like Suga’s Interlude, sadly. I think Halsey’s and Suga’s voice didn’t mesh well at all in that song

I don’t find Yoongi particularly attractive, except when he has blonde hair. He looked so freaking good in the ‘August D’ music video. Along with the whole feel of the video and his attitude (especially the scene where he’s smirking and holding up the middle finger), it made me think he’s hot. But again, only with blonde hair for some reason.

I’m tired of armies calling every talented female rapper a female yoongi like most the time they don’t even have anything in common might as well call yoongi asian eminem tf

I just want to thank the Lord that RM and Suga decide to feature with Juice WRLD even though it’s the soundtrack for the game that I have zero interest to play. I hope now every ARMY out there realise how raw and genuine their passion towards type of music that they like and that’s what you called consistency, people. It just makes me can’t wait for their next solo album and I really really hope (at least) it’ll be before Suga goes to military.

As a fan since pre debut, i feel like yoongi’s rapping style changed drastically in a way I didn’t expect from him. I feel like he abandoned his style to do trendy flows, and tho his verse in bwl was supposed to be the killing point but it just sounded like overdone mumble rap

I must be the only ARMY to think this, but here it goes: I didn’t really like Suga’s rap in BWL. It’s actually the only part of the song I have issues with.

I find it funny that from someone I knew, Suga’s personality is quite the same like the way he showed it, sometimes rude and unapologetic, Which I find it totally fine until I heard Seesaw and Spring Days. Both song written by him and for his demeanor had wide contrast to the song that he produced, I find it very funny for the sake of the irony in it.

I hope Suga takes more part in this album’s production than in the LY era (which was heavily produced by RM). I miss his style. The last taste I got from it as a group was Ddaeng, and it was a bop.

Honestly sometimes whenever I looked into Suga’s eyes, I feel oddly connected to him in a way that I can’t really describe. In my opinion BTS music never really my cup of tea, their dynamic sometimes quite off to me, but then I just realise that I never really into BTS because I simply attracted to Suga and only Suga. For me, that’s the only reason I ever felt strongly to him and that’s the reason I try to listen to BTS because I genuinely feel I really fall for Suga.

Suga’s hair in Fake Love music video is the worst BTS stylist could ever done to him. He should never ever ever have the crimped/curly hairstyle ever again. Sorry for not sorry.