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I look up to super junior a lot and wish all my favourite groups would be like them, not personality wise (of course) but in terms of longetivity. The fact that they debuted almost 15 years ago, took 8 years for all members to complete military service but still manage to have a steady fandom, sell out concerts and have high album sales. It’s honestly admirable considering most groups can barely last half of that time.

Heechul reuniting with Kibum AND Hangeng was one of the greatest things to happen in 2019.

I’m happy to hear Sungmin’s voice again in his debut solo album. It’s unfortunate that him deciding to keep his marriage life private was what made K-ELFs feel betrayed in the first place. He likely made that decision to protect SUPER JUNIOR’s image because romances are “scandalous” in Korean entertainment, but K-ELFs didn’t understand that, and probably embellished all the awful allegations about him because I don’t think they’re confirmed.

I’m glad the rumours about Heechul and Momo dating turned out to be false, but what really surprised me was the amount of fans who were so vehemently angry that other fans didn’t want Momo to date him.. Listen, I’m sure he’s a great guy and it’s nice that female idols have said nice things about him in the past, but at the end of the day, I don’t know him! I’ve never met him. He is literally a complete stranger to me, so I’m not gonna vouch for a personality I’ve never actual met before. All I see is a man almost in his 40s potentially courting a woman barely in her 20s. It’s gross and makes me as a woman uncomfortable. Not everything that is legal is going to make everyone feel ok. No one should call him ugly, but at the same time, it’s their opinion so sorry but I kinda don’t care.

Kangin and Sungmin not being in Super Junior’s comebacks going forward is no big deal. There are core members that make Super Junior what it is, and neither fill that role. It’s sad what happened to Sungmin, but the only thing special he brought was his booty. Kangin is nothing but a liability. I wish some fans would get a grip.

Admin Note: This was sent in before Kangin announced his official departure from Super Junior.

I know this isn’t why SuJu fans are called ELFs, but in my head it’s because Yesung looks like an elf. Half the time he looks like he could work at the North Pole, but the other half he looks like an eternally youthful thousand-year-old who could probably kill you without much effort and a placid smile if you somehow figured out that he wasn’t actually human. He’s an “I-will-end-you-if-you-learn-my-real-birthdate” type of adorable.

Honestly can people stop with the Shindong hate? Y’all hate him for something he said a decade ago. He apologized for it mutiple times and he also showed many times how much he regrets that and showed support for the plus sized community. Ironic how yall attack him for “being fatphobic” by being fatphobic towards him. If you’re going to hold a grudge for over a decade the least you could do is have the same energy to criticize your faves, but you don’t. Careful, your hypocrisy is showing.

Is it just me being biased or does Super Junior really age like fine wine? Every single one of them get’s more and more handsome how older they get.

D & E have always been one of the coolest super junior sub units. They’ve put out nothing but feel good happy songs and I’m so down for that vibe.

I used to love Super Junior, but ELFs made me decide to leave the fandom with their insistence that SJ should be respected by the fans of other groups just because they “paved the way” for their favorites. I don’t think people should disrespect them, but people should have the right to love who they love without hearing “respect the older groups” 24/7.