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I’m really worried about what will happen when T.O.P comes back, I don’t want people to hound him about all the stuff that’s been going on. I mean, it’s not like he was around for most of it, so it won’t be fair to him if people start asking him how he feels about it the moment he’s back or anything. But at the same time, I’m so excited to have him back and I hope he’s excited to be back.

Yunho (TVXQ), Donghae (Super Junior) and TOP (BigBang) don’t necessarily look super similar to each other but there’s something about these three and their visuals that makes me wish desperately for them to play brothers in a K-Drama thriller together.

TOP had a drug scandal and fans gave him shit for an hour before defending him and telling everyone he’s a grown and up and that they should move on. At this point its like his scandal didn’t even happen. Bom had a drugs scandal for medication that she was prescribed and actually needed and fans still use that as an excuse to hate her and blame her for 2ne1s fallout and disbandment. Its not just the business that act like Men are more entitled than women its the fans to.

T.O.P’s doom dada mv scares/confuses the bejeesus out of me

T.O.P of BigBang is really cool and the reason I got into Korean music in the first place. I hope he’s doing okay and that his mental health gets better.

How can TOP be voted as the top celebrity with the worst controversy of 2017, or Yoo Ah In be in this list when both of their controversies didn’t hurt others or could have?Kangin who had DUI’s, COULD have hurt or even killed other people. Yoochun’s case was horrible too and included other people too but how is Yoo Ah In’s case evenconsidered a controversy? The man has poor health because of his shoulder and while YES, TOP broke the law, and it was completely wrong, he has mental health problems and should get help, not being put up first on a list where people have done so much worse.

I honestly think TOP should have got prison time. I don’t care about whether or not he smoked weed, but it is illegal in Korea and he knew that. He saw GD’s scandal and Bom’s and still did it. It doesn’t matter if he’s depressed, that’s not an excuse to break the law. E-Sens smoked weed and had to go to prison for it, but because TOP is a bigger celebrity, he’s off with a slap on the wrists. Honestly, k-netz would forgive him sooner if he served time, but now he’s never gonna live this down.

I know it’s angering to see that a lot of k-netizen comments, especially on Nate, are hating on TOP and even have the galls to say he was “just sleeping”, but let’s remember they do not make up the entire SK population, that just like any other country, there are citizens who don’t bother with the comments section at all, and remember that there have also been positive comments wishing for his recovery, especially on Instiz.

That whole incident with TOP shows that Kpop isn’t just unicorns and innocence. Bad stuff like that is going to happen, it’s the entertainment industry

T.O.P’s probable suicide attempt is something the entire nation of South Korea should be ashamed of. The government for heavily criminalizing something so petty and minor, the police for showboating and creating a spectacle, and the citizens for raising an entire generation of soulless, sadistic k-netizens who are completely devoid of any empathy, guilt, remorse, or morals. That whole nation needs to reset its moral compass. Too many people are enjoying every second of this, and it’s sick.