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“Asian actors aren’t expressive”

Me: Really? Are you sure? Because… I mean… Look at this gif, I don’t even need to see their faces to know that they’re completely in love. eXpLaIn ThAt.


BONUS. I would venture to say that he fell in love at first sight.


Jimin, rolling over in bed: You awake?
Hoseok, turning to face Jimin: Yeah~ *starts snuggling*
[Meanwhile, in the next room]
Taehyung, rolling over: You awake?
Yoongi: …
Taehyung, poking Yoongi’s back: You awake?
Yoongi, violently rolling over: What the fuck do you want?

Taehyung: Ever realize humans cut down bird’s houses to make birdhouses?
Yoongi: How high are you?
Taehyung: 5.10

Yoongi: Did it hurt?
Taehyung: Did what hurt?
Yoongi: When you fell walking in. I saw you fall on your face. Everyone saw.

Yoongi: “Take your age. Subtract 2. Then add 2. That’s your age.”