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When your friend says something stupid and you have to check if they have brain

“What do you want for Christmas?”


Aww thank you so much!! I will continue making memes to make you laugh?


“Take your brother with you”


You and your best friend when you spot that bitch you both hate

What makes you so sure he won’t be your boyfriend? Uhm?? If you don’t try, you will never know and then you will always wonder what might have been

I prefer Vmin. Vmin is life.



I drew @our-kpopreact I love her blog & her! if you don’t already follow taiga go follow her now! (she is where all those bts memes come from lmao) Love you!

Omg you are so sweet!! Marry me please
? You are so talented I wanna die!! I love you so much

Aaaaw thank you so much sweetie