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i think seventeen’s minghao is one of the most well-rounded idols right now. i think he’s one of the top dancers, his singing and rapping are both good, but, more than anything, he has some of if not the best stage and camera presence of the 3rd generation. he has a super charming personality and his photography and fashion that he does on the side are great too. i love to watch him perform, and i hope he continues to be even more successful!

It’s really sad that some of the nicest Seventeen members have such terrible akgaes, namely DK and Minghao. Over the yrs there’s been so many DK akgaes who constantly trash talk other members or Pledis artists and recently Chinese Minghao akgaes were just all out harrassing Jun & his family on Weibo after Jun addressed rumors of him appearing on Idol Producer. Obvs they’re not the only members with akgaes like this, n there are plenty of nice solo stans, but they’re usually the loudest ones

Whenever people talk about stage presence I never hear people talk about seventeen, except I’ve heard them mention hoshi a few times. But I think that minghao is honeslty so much fun to watch on stage. You can always tell that he loves what he’s doing, and he feels the music so well and he’s so great at expressing it. He’s an amazing dancer (obvs) and a good singer too. His performing is spectacular !

The8 (despite how edgy he looks) is honestly one of the sweetest idols ever. Before any member even says something bad about themselves he always reassures them especially when mingyu feels self conscious about his skin tone. He always says something nice about everyone… idk it just warms my heart I wish every group had someone like him.

Minghao is the only man on this mortal plane I accept with a mullet. The only one. I’ve seen far too many mullets in the kpop industry recently and the only one that pulls it off is him. I’m really sorry to got7, bap, exo, bts, sf9, winner, block b, and everyone else that’s ever tried it. In my mind, no one surpasses minghao. And he’s not even my bias in seventeen.

so so happy as a carat that both The8 and Jun got to be in “The
Collaboration” because that just gave them the oportunity to really
show themselves and their talents even more and they really wanted
that chance to go solo at least for a while. Also if anyone hasn’t
listened to The8’s Clap chinese version you’re missing out

Seventeen’s The8 has a really lovely and unique voice and I wish he had more lines in their songs.

I don’t know why so many people think The8 and Changbin from Stray Kids look alike. I just don’t see it

I’m so so happy that Minghao finally has his own Instagram account. He loves photography so much (and he is so good at it come on) that I’m glad he can post them and share them with the world (follow xuminghao_o on IG and while at it you should follow Mingyu too at min6yu_k)

Honestly I don’t like mullets, but Minghao (The8) pulled one off really well. It suits him.