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I feel like the people on this blog don't understand what an "unpopular" opinion means. They get all surprised-pikachu-face when a random anon says something that goes against popular belief and dismiss people for having an unpopular opinion? If you wanted a blog that posts daily praises for your faves then go follow a stan account or something. Learn to take criticism and understand that not everyone agrees with you.

^ Posted directly since this is about the blog.

This may be random but I would honestly love to see traditional Korean clothing used in more performance outfits, kind of like a mix between modern&traditional styles?. I was a j-pop fan before being introduced to kpop so I’m used to this being more common with idol groups in Japan (MomoClo, AKB48 etc) but I think it would be quite interesting to see with kpop considering Korean traditional clothing is just as beautiful.

I find it hilarious how Reveluvs act like no one has a legitimate reason to dislike Wendell. I always see ot5 stans get pissed when someone excludes her, and it’s honestly the funniest shit ever. She mocked my race on two different occasions, I have every right to not want to acknowledge her ass.

You know it’s good that jyp is taking action for twice stalker situation,but can they extend that to jyp artists??? Youngjae for a year begged for people to stop contacting his number everytime he changed it. Jackson confronted the sasaeng that leaked both his addresses and his parents addresses, and Bambam literally had to move cause sasaeng came to him home

The BTS Mama award acceptance speech for artist of the year I think was so touching. Every single time I watched it I cry. Not because I’m super attached or shit to my oppas but because I’m human. At the end of the day we all live and die. These boys work so hard to please people. That’s what they do. Entertain. Hate is the worst thing going on rn in this world and this community is full of it , especially for them. So next time you catch yourself commenting something negative. Question why. These people work so hard and you still shit on them for the stupidest reasons. And if you do. I will fight back. Call me the bad guy. Call me toxic . Call me delusional and extra. In fact I haven’t been in the kpop scene for ages. But if I see hate I will fight back. In all forms. It starts in the roots , in the smallest places. Seemingly pointless places. So take this to heart and be nice.

How did SM entertainment get this reputation that all the artists under their label are “only good looking but talentless” when they’re the only company (from big three) that really focuses on proper singing technique and good dancing? I mean… they have SHINee. That itself negates the whole “SM only has good looking but talentless artists” argument

If you have to listen to a song 500 times just to like it, then you don’t really like it, you simply grew a tolerance for it. I shouldn’t have to say that, but the amount of times I’ve seen kpop stans force themselves to listen to songs they don’t like just because their faves released it is laughable. I personally don’t give a damn who releases a song, if I don’t like it then I’m not going to force myself to listen to it until I get used to it. I’ll listen to a song twice, and if I don’t like after the second time then I won’t listen to it again.

I wish whoever that in charge of Girl’s Generation vocal trainer will move and work with JYPE to train Twice vocal. I’m not saying Twice vocal bad or anything, but when they do Acapella live, it’s clear they sound breathless and tired, which I believe will be improve better with the right training methods. And also for JYPE song production team to not ALWAYS edited their vocal in each of their song.

i really hope WM’s next girlgroup would be performance-based. some of their trainees (including izone’s chaeyeon) were already choreographing group routines and i don’t want that to be taken away once they make their debut. honestly, their dance covers blow me away.

I really liked dalla dalla and icy, but I still think the best song itzy have released is want it! I don’t know what it is about that song that’s so refreshing and different but it’s become one of my favorite kpop songs of all time. I also think it’s very itzy and if it had been a different group, I might not like it as much. hot like a lava fresh like havana am I right ladies