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As someone who also suffers from anxiety disorder, I’m so glad that Knetizens have been supportive of Mina so far. I was afraid that when JYP announced that she has an anxiety disorder that they would say mean things about her but they were mostly positive.

Whenever people try to say, “x member doesn’t belong in Monsta X,” I get irritated. There is an entire show, showcasing how and why they were chosen. You might not like said member(s), but that won’t change the fact that they are in Monsta X for a real reason.

N.Flying’s Seunghyub and Huiseong aren’t usually listed as some of the best vocalists in K-Pop but they complement each other so well not only with their voices but also with their stage presence that I’m just in awe everytime I see a performance.

Kpop Idols work so hard but the reality is their peak time is from 17 to 26 years of age after that there are new Idols who get more attention from their companies. I hate saying this but Idols are replaceable.They train so much and work so hard and their time in the spotlight lasts for a maximum of 8 or lesser years. Also in those spotlight years of theirs they don’t earn as much to save up for the later years when they can’t be as famous.

Can people give Taeyong a friggin’ rest already? He’s already apologized for his past several times, has acknowledged that he was a shit middle schooler, and has grown from it. I don’t know why Knetizens are bringing his past up again and acting like he’s never changed when he clearly has.

as much as i dislike fansites whitewashing idols, i also dislike it when restore accounts edit fantaken pictures like the pictures belong to them. i know you just want to appreciate the idols’ skin tone, but what you’re doing is stealing someone’s work and making it your own. you can’t fight crime with crime.

Yoojung is the true underrated all rounder. She can sing, dance and rap exceptionally and yet she gets paid dust its said. Weki Meki in general deserve more love though

Hi all,

Today, the K-pop community was shaken by Sulli’s passing, and I know everyone is devastated by this loss; we are just as heartbroken. We send our upmost condolences to her family and friends. Sulli was not only a wonderful artist and actress, but she was also a fearless advocate for women’s rights and fought back against sexism in a still mostly conservative nation. Despite all the backlash and hate she received throughout the years, she continued advocating and pushing forward; I wish I had as much bravery and tenacity as she did.

Sulli’s passing is a reminder to all of us to be mindful of what we say. As a page that allows unpopular, not so positive opinions, I think this is a time for us to stop and think about what we’re saying and to reflect. To think about how our words and actions may affect these artists and the damage that could be inflicted. It also brings up the importance of mental health and reminds us to be kind to others and ourselves.

We will no longer be accepting opinions about Sulli, and comments/reblogs with opinions about Sulli will result in a warning/ban. This is something we do with all deceased artists, and we will continue to do so to respect and protect their legacy.

Rest in peace, Sulli. 

Love, main admins paperjewels and katherinedoeskpop

Sorry guys but ‘fresh’ concepts are still cute ones no matter how far you try to separate them, and honestly there’s nothing wrong with that! Cute is a very broad term when it comes to concepts with a lot of sub categories to it. Think of it like candy, there’s sweet candy, sour candy, spicy candy, and even savory candies, but at the end of the day is it all still candy? YES! And there’s nothing wrong w it! Get off your high horse fresh concept ppl and accept that it’s still cute!

I’ve been a starlight since 2013 and I feel really bad about this but I just cannot stand the sound of Leo’s singing. He’s a total sweetheart and I love him as a person but his voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. VIXX are my 2nd favorite group and I love biggest part of their discography but I can’t help but feel each song would be better without his high pitched whisper-squeal.