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I really miss the brick wall mv set, it’s such an icon for 2nd+3rd gen.

When bom talked about her voice during the first episode of queendom and said she wanted to perform early so her voice would still be in good condition, all i could think was girl, if your voice is literally that fragile it’s time for you to find a new job. Just like a runner would call it quits if their ankle was permanently injured, the same goes for singers.

honestly, after the incident with chan in april, stay fandom really went downhill. i don’t think it was right to mindlessly defend him, but what really made me sick was some stays calling pocs racial slurs and other horrible stuff. i can’t believe how immature and disrespectful some of you were and still are. always treat others with respect and how you wanna be treated. i thought yall were taught this in grade school.

I can’t believe it’s already been 11 years since IU first debuted at the young age of 15! And despite being the top female soloist, she still has the same sweet, caring personality she’s always had.

NCTzens need to stop expecting for everyone in the fandom to care about every single member and every single unit out there, all the units have their own style that some may not like and its difficult keeping up with every single one of their activities. it doesn’t make you any less of a fan if you only follow and care about one unit. just let people be

I heard that a lot of companies will say that their idol is streetcasted even though they weren’t only to give everyone that Idea that “It was meant to be”. They say they street cast because the person is extremely visualistic. What makes me feel they are lying is that some [MOST] of these street-casted trainees aren’t even good-looking, if you look at their pre-debut pictures.

I find the Tumblr Twitter wars really petty. Tumblr and Twitter have different humour styles but at the end of the day talking about either shouldn’t be a sin. People here seem to think they are royals because they use Tumblr. “ Eww stop bringing your Twitter shit here” exact words from this blog comments. Grow up

Almost every time I read the words ‘stable’ or ‘technique’ in a comment under anything Kpop I start getting a migraine and a huge amount of secondhand embarrassment. The vast majority of fans writing these comments have noooo ideeeaaa what they’re talking about but everybody’s out here acting like they’re a professional vocal coach lol. You can have your opinion and preferences but don’t act like it’s informed.

I loved Picky Picky and Tiki Take by Weki Meki. They trully deserve some wins

[!] update

Hi all,

It has been some time since we have posted on this blog, and we do apologize that our first post back is such a heavy one. Before we try to get the blog up and going again, we want to take this time to remember Hara and the wonderful person that she was. We first and foremost want send our condolences to her family and friends. 

It is absolutely heartbreaking that such an inspirational woman passed away. Hara has had so many hardships in her life and has carried so much pain. We are sure there were painful things the public didn’t know about as well that she kept to herself. Even though it must have been so incredibly difficult for her to open up, she mustered up the courage and bravery. And we’re sure her bravery is helping others find strength in their struggles. We hope her story (and many others’) serves as the wakeup call for change.

Opinions about Hara are no longer allowed on this blog. This means no opinions posted and no comments/reblogs with opinions about her. Mentioning her for context, though, is permitted. This is the least we can do for her, to respect her legacy.

Rest in peace, Hara.

Love, main admins paperjewels and katherinedoeskpop