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BTS really know how to put on a show. Both at their concerts and especially award shows, but I wish they would stop using pre-recorded VCR performances. Like with their MMA performance, it was amazing, but half of it was pre-recorded. I know it’s so they can change outfits, but it really takes away some of the magic for me.

I didn’t like Suga’s Interlude, sadly. I think Halsey’s and Suga’s voice didn’t mesh well at all in that song

Was a blackjack back in the days, not anymore, but I have just recently realized how one of a kind 2ne1 was. I’m not back to being a fan, but nowadays I feel like I appreciate them more than when I was a fan. They were so different from everything that was and there still hasn’t been a group (girl or boy) that comes even close. I miss them 🙁

You know…I’m always gonna be a little salty that seventeen didn’t win best dance male group (even though I know mnet is trash). I feel like the choreography for “Fear” was more artistic and more mind blowing, and it left a bigger impact on me than “Boy With Luv”. Not that I think it was bad, I just felt like it wasn’t as memorable and eye-catching as “Fear”.

I think jyp seem to be a really cool boss, from an idol’s perspective. He isn’t the type to yell at or belittle idols (unlike some…) when they make a mistake, for example with choreo, instead he gives constructive criticism and tries to help them improve. Even though he seems to be pretty firm and meticulous, that’s not a bad thing, and also what makes his groups and idols so good and well-rounded. Of course at the end of the day he runs a company to earn money, but he seems to genuinely care about those under his wing, and everyone, including those who have left jyp (sunmi, rain, wg) have nothing but praise for him regarding this. Say what you will about his questionable company decisions, he seems like a really good mentor to have.

this is my pet peeve talking, but cube’s recent generation of idol groups are the worst at coming up with fandom names. i mean cheshire, universe, and neverland are good on their own, but there’s no direct relation to their group names. so far, cube’s best fandom names go to 4nias and b2utys.

it really annoys me how some people only care about jungwoo from nct when they want to ship him with other members, he can sing and dance really well, not to mention he’s really funny and sweet, but some people apperently can’t see that and only like to view him as a soft gay boy, it jsut really gets in my nerves because he’s so much more than that

Lovelyz really performed Twinkle 3 years in a row on music shows. If that’s not Korea’s Christmas anthem then I don’t know what is. Queens of the winter season indeed

The pink dresses Oh My Girl wore for one of their “SSFWL” stages really caught my eyes. In general, it’s so refreshing to see girls wearing long dresses/skirts that go down further than their knees instead of those skimpy ones as their stage outfits. They look really comfortable in them and don’t have to constantly pull their skirts down when they get hitched up during performances.

The whole album in JUS2 Focus on Me album is a bop. Especially their JUS2 Japan discography. And I really hope JYP let JB or anyone in GOT7 release album that based on their music taste because as much as good title track is Eclipse in their Spinning Top era, Page and 1 Degree much more deserve and have a lot of potentials to be a tittle track.