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Stray Kids’ I Am You is underrated as a title track.

I wish more KPOP MVs had a story to them, like Pentagon’s Humph or The Rose’s Baby.

Oh My Girl members get prettier with every comeback they make

Jaemin’s big eyes and perfect smile are just as creepy as the Jo twins’

Itzy’s debut made everyone say that they’ll finally lift the burden off of Twice, but I hope they remember that Itzy is under Division 2, while Twice is under Division 3, who are only managing them now that Suzy’s gone.

Solar’s cover of fire by bts during mamamoo’s recent concert was so freaking hot.

Jihyo and Kang Daniel make a lovely couple and they deserve to be happy together

Jasmine by dpr live is a masterpiece

I read that someone said “the company decides the idols hairstyle, it’s not their fault”. So you are telling me this group has freedom to write their own lyrics, and produce their own music but can’t choose their own hairstyle?

G-Dragon would be the best candidate to be the next YG President.