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a lot of idols have covered naomi scott’s speechless but the best cover definitely goes to up10tion’s sunyoul, just by how he sang it in the original female key!

i’m absolutely overwhelmed by wooshin’s return to the group but i wished up10tion had a more hard-hitting song as their latest comeback to celebrate that. i’ve loved all their title tracks since debut right up until going crazy, but candyland really didn’t cut it for me.

Wooshin, I will always stand by you. I hope you feel better soon. I wish you hadn’t been put in such a misunderstood situation. I wish you didn’t have to receive hate, you’re so precious. Love you Wooshin, I hope to see up10tion as 10 again soon ♥

Admin Note: This opinion was sent in before TOP Media revealed Wooshin was returning from his hiatus for UP10TION’s comeback.

I love Sunyoul’s voice & his performances in King of Masked Singer couldn’t be more legendary. Specially Tears

Niel and Jinhoo’s voices sound like a bachata singer’s, but less nasal

I just want to give Wooshin the biggest hug ever. He’s gotten so much flack after the whole Somi scandal last year, not to mention he had the most demanding schedule out of all of the UP10TION members causing him to have health issues. How he managed to get through all that is amazing. I just wish him the best and hope he makes a decent recovery.

I really hope UP10TION release another song like Attention. That song is amazing in every way. Andy what you doin?