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I don’t understand why BTS pushes Jungkook so much for being the best songwriter of the vocal line. V is clearly more confortable in that departament, and, in my opinion, the one with more potential.

I always feel bad because I fell for the early taehyungs personality and ever since he started to grow and act more mature I just dont click with him anymore and i know he was magnifying his extraness in the early days which just makes me feel worse.. I dont hate or even dislike him now I just dont feel the same and i feel just all around less interested in him and i hate that.. it makes me feel so guilty..

I sometimes find Taehyung’s airy voice a little hard to listen to. For example, the beginning of “The Truth Untold” always throws me off a bit because his voice is really different. I like him best in more powerful songs, where he can belt his heart out if he wants to. That’s why I also find it hard to listen to “Singularity”, even though I love the general vibe of the song.

I think Jungkook and Jin are “decent” vocalists now (meaning good enough, but still good) and V is on his way. So, apart from Jimin (sorry, bias ;-;), you can’t call them horrible. I’m not asking you to worship them as the best vocalists in kpop (they are not), but I’m just asking to stop attacking them for that. I know army are horrible, but that doesn’t change the boys’s achievements.

Seeing Singularity live made me realize why Taehyung is in the dance line now. You go, boy!

don’t understand how people call the vocal line in bts weak. Their
vocal stability is freaking fantastic, and I’ll never be able to get
over how well they all sound together

By the teaser, I thought Taehyung would be the one to shine more in the Boy with Luv MV, but it was Jimin. He just killed it! His sexy opening verses, his dance, his outfits!

I’m so happy Tae will have blue hair in this comeback’s MV. He looks stuning in that color.

Admin Note: This was sent in before BTS made their comeback.

I love V’s voice most in K-pop. I’m not claiming he has the best technique or anything, since I don’t know anything about that. Yet, I am always happy whenever his lines come on.

kim taehyung is literally the most beautiful idol in my eyes there is no one else that could even compare to his looks (to me). I’m not saying this just because he’s my bias, I truly believe that he has such a beautiful racial structure and his eyes (contacts or not) draw me in always, not to mention his box smile that makes me happy always. i really love him, not only for his looks, but for his personality too.