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Most pd101/48 fans are from season 4 so they don’t know much but as someone who has seen all 4 finals LIVE and followed all the debuting groups I think the new fans are overestimating X1. I think some of them don’t understand how great ioi and wanna one were. Especially how talented they were. Last 2 seasons were the most lackluster TV shows I’ve ever seen. And it’s extremely clear that the last 2 were rigged ( I’m fine with iz*one) shows how superior the first 2 were. ( Imo )

Admin Note: This was sent in before many of the reports of manipulation for various Mnet survival shows were made public.

i really wonder how svt would’ve fared in 2017 if w1 didn’t debut that year. they were just gaining a lot of traction with al1/dwc, but got overshadowed once w1 debuted. they’re still doing really well now, but i wonder if they would’ve gotten more attention faster without w1 that year

As a bigger fan of wanna one than IOI, I feel like IOI was way more successful than wanna one. I am not talking numbers here because we all know alot of fans followed pd101s2 bc of ioi anyways. I am talking music wise, alot of people joined IOI’s fandom after they debuted solely based on how great their comebacks were and they got better and better while wanna one had more loyal from the start and their music didn’t really bring in any fans (except for the debut ofc and maybe beautiful). I was really waiting for their last album and it still didn’t live up to my expectations.

I really want to know what’s fantagio’s plan for seungwoo after wanna one. There are not that many options, he is either joining astro, debuting solo or starts acting. I feel that way about gualin too, I wonder if him and seonho end up joining pentagon to boost up the group after the whole edawn thing or they debut together as a dou.

I am really curious of what some wanna one members are going to do after the disablement. At one hand I think mnet is going to keep some like daniel, jihoon, gualin .. bc they don’t really anyone to go to after this and the group is making them shine brighter than they would solo and let go of the rest of the group like brand new boys, sungwoon and minhyun. On the other hand I think popular ones would leave for solo and they can’t keep a group of underrateds that active so they will disband.

I really like Wanna One but I can’t wait for Minhyun to be back with the rest of the Nu’est members. I just hope that those “fans” that say Nu’est lives of Minhyuns faim don’t hate on the other members.

I don’t understand how people were so angry at the Wanna One finalists to the point I actually thought they’d flop because Samuel and JR didn’t make it but how come Samuel and Nu’est aren’t doing so well as Wanna One? I just expected that they’d have more supporters and doing better than them. This isn’t me putting Samuel or Nu’est down but I’m just genuinly curious where all those angry people are now. The same goes for the past I.O.I fans because the members don’t really get that much support as they used to now that they’re over and in their respective groups.

I think Daniel is going to have similar problems to Somi. Any group he is put in after Wanna One is going to seem off and unbalanced with how famous he has gotten already.

Minhyun will always belong with NU’EST, and frankly, I think it’s extremely offensive that wannables want him to either stay with w1 or go solo. Just admit you don’t care about his feelings and the brothers he became close to over years of hardships shared, and go.

I feel like Wanna one shouldn’t be up for any other awards at mama especially since their gonna disband soon. Same with DDDD by Blackpink, it shouldn’t be up for the dance or song of the year award. Its literally not at all significant, the dance is barely creative and kind of lazy compared to past dances.