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NCTzens need to stop expecting for everyone in the fandom to care about every single member and every single unit out there, all the units have their own style that some may not like and its difficult keeping up with every single one of their activities. it doesn’t make you any less of a fan if you only follow and care about one unit. just let people be

It doesn’t make sense to me that so many WayV fans genuinely believe that WayV and NCT are two different groups, but also want WinWin to participate in anything and everything related to NCT 127. If he’s in WayV and it’s a whole other separate group, he does’t have business with 127 anymore. But logic doesn’t seem to have a strong presence with people who think like that. I mean several members had confirmed NCT and WayV were one, and common sense would conclude the same thing, but even after WayV fans got the “legitimate” confirmation they wanted, aka an actual live spoken word from a SM executive stating NCT has 21 members and their handling of WayV is because of tensions with China, WayV fans STILL think the groups are separate and the exec is lying.. their stupidity is so deep it makes me question my own intelligence because I fee like I must be missing something.

One of the ridiculous things about the NCT fandom is that whether or not they’re a solo stan, most NCT stans alway think their fave is underrated and it’s so annoying. Like Doyoung, Ten, Johnny, Jaehyun, Winwin, Mark, Taeyong, Renjun, and Taeil stans mostly, all think SM hates them and the fandom hates them and everyone in the universe is working against them. And not to take sides or show my bias, but considering they all have different talents, opportunities, and exposure, how can all these members all be underrated at the same time? Do their fans not release how ridiculous that is? I only trust Jisung stans because they seem the least likely to act up, though I’m sure just me saying that is going to jinx it.

I think comparing NCT choreo with SVT choreo is fruitless; it’s like apples and oranges, neither can be said to be objectively better than the other. NCT’s choreo style is more like hiphop dance crews while SVT is more reminiscent of something like a ballet or musical theatre troupe (even when they do ‘darker’ choreo). Both groups are very skilled but they have pretty different styles and strengths, so comparing the groups is mostly just a matter of preference

I can kind of understand where the comparisons between bts and nct are coming from. Before I thought they were just random and unfounded, but when I look at what nct are doing now, and how they’re viewed, and compare it to what army constantly preach about bts and their come up, I can see the things they have in common. nct’s music is a lot more hip hop and rap based, with many people praising their rappers for their writing and producing skills, which they do for a lot of the songs they’re featured in, and from the start, they didn’t get much support from the kpop community. they were constantly in exo’s shadow, they didn’t get a first win right away, many said b3p skipped them, etc. but less than 3 full years later, they’re in the states and making a big impact, and making name for themselves, even selling out an american tour. And they’re really persevering despite all the hate they’re getting from literally everyone. I’m not saying their paths are exactly alike or that everything that’s happened for bts will happen for nct, but more and more I’m seeing why the comparisons are being made. Though I pray nct do not follow in bts footsteps because nctzens.. whew! they’re already a handful, imagine if they were like army.. sounds like a literal nightmare.

A lot of people would rather see Kpop idols collaborating with each other over Western artists, but there already are a lot of Kpop collabs, it’s just mostly with solo artists. Does’t make sense for a group to collab with another group; that’ll be like 20 people on a track… NCT already proved that with a collab that big, only a few will get lines, or screen time, and many people won’t get either.

When WayV was announced, nctzens knew they were NCT, but when WayV, a 1 month old Cpop group, didn’t get the same treatment as NCT127, a 3 year old Kpop group, all of a sudden, WayV wasn’t nct and a bunch of fans needed convincing and confirmation it was.. and even after all their reasons for thinking they’re separate were proven false, they still demanded more. I mean, WayV literally debuted with a recycled nct song; how can a person rationally think they’re not a part of the group? Unless of course they want to admit they plagiarized off them. Even WayV being confirmed NCT, NCT being confirmed to have 21 members, and part of their handling being confirmed to be a result of Chinese/Korean tensions, some people are still not satisfied. It’s just exhausting. You want to enjoy a group with fandom, but when the fandom is this toxic, it’s hard to even find people you can relate to and stick to them. the drama always finds a way to show it’s face no matter who you block or what you blacklist.

i know that wayv is brand new, but i honestly have to say that xiaojun one of my favourite nct vocals. his voice is so soothing and beautiful and every time he sings i feel like you can just tell how much he loves it. he’s amazing. i want to cry whenever he sings

To be honest, I’ve really tried to get into NCT but it doesn’t work for me. New members keep getting added and I don’t seem attached to any of the members. Basically I find them boring, but hey kudos for them for making a splash in the USA and getting some increased recognition since 2016.

I really enjoyed Winwin and Ten’s dance together. Aside from the choreography being amazing, I was surprised at how great their chemistry is. I really hope they do more choreo like this, especially Winwin, it seems to suit him more.