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Yoojung is the true underrated all rounder. She can sing, dance and rap exceptionally and yet she gets paid dust its said. Weki Meki in general deserve more love though


I’m not at all surprised that the post-ioi groups all failed. I don’t know how these companies thought including one or a few popular idols in the group and then release mediocre music with bland concepts would ever work out except garner initial hype. Such a disappointment and waste of talent.

I want to get into Weki Meki but there’s something about Yoojung that puts me off of checking out the group, she’s just so loud and everything I see about Weki Meki is about her or Doyeon. genuinely thought Yoojung was the leader because of how much attention she gets, it’s annoying

I know this is old, but Weki Meki’s debut song “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” was absolutely fantastic. Sure, it was full of random noise and clattering, but I see that as a good thing. The chorus is just random notes that only sort of sound like vocals… it’s great. That shit gets stuck in my head all day.

In IZ*ONE, Yuri is supposedly known for looking like Weki Meki’s Yoojung, but I think Chaewon resembles Yoojung way more than Yuri does

I wish that Weki Meki would get more attention for their dances. They’re relatively difficult and they are always ridiculous in sync. They really deserve much more attention than they get!

48 Kim Choyeon reminds me of Kim Doyeon a lot visually.

Weki Meki’s Lua truly doesn’t receive enough credit for her dancing abilities. She unfortunately is overshadowed by Yoojung, even though she is also one of the main dancers of the group. Lua has shown an impressive amount of flexibility as she did rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and belly dancing for several years before she debuted. I always find my eyes gravitating towards her in their dance practices and live stages, as her dance style is very hypnotic and captivating. Hopefully she’ll receive that dance break we know she deserves in Weki Meki’s next comeback!

Weki Meki’s Rina has a certain beauty to her that is quite confusing. Her features are so polarising; she’s got these adorable chubby cheeks that are prominent when she smiles, however her eyes are so sharp and mysterious. I found her quite intimidating when I first saw her, since her beauty is so unique and resembles that of an animated character. Both long and short hair look amazing on her, and she suits coloured contacts so well, too.