Category: Wheein

Mamamoo’s wheein is criminally underrated. Her beauty, personality, voice, dancing, songwriting, her artwork, she’s everything you could hope for in an artist, yet sadly too overlooked. I just love her so much.

wendy and solar and solar are easily the best main vocalist of the third generation, while seulgi and wheein are the best lead vocalist of the third generation

For me, some of the most gorgeous girls in KPop are the ones who are more ‘traditionally’ beautiful, like Wheein, Ashley from Ladies Code and Haebin from Gugudan. They’re all so unique and really stand out to me

I always wondered why Wheein was the first Mamamoo member I could tell apart (and no, it wasn’t bc her hair was short), but now I noticed she kinda resembles Sojin from Girls Day, specially the eyes and smile