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I feel awful for feeling this way, but I like wjsn so much more without china line, and they seem to be doing better without them. Mei qi, xuan yi, and cheng xiao are doing so well in China it doesn’t really seem like they need to go back anyways

I’m not at all surprised that the post-ioi groups all failed. I don’t know how these companies thought including one or a few popular idols in the group and then release mediocre music with bland concepts would ever work out except garner initial hype. Such a disappointment and waste of talent.

I’m not a ujung, but as someone who really enjoys WJSN’s songs, I gotta admit this: musically, the Chinese members make no difference. They’ve been gone for a while now, and I just can’t miss them. Actually, I think the dance formations are also cleaner without them 🙁

I loved Boogie Up, but the MV made me kind of uncomfortable. e song is more on the cutesy side, but the cameras keep focusing on their butts.

It bothers me how criminally underrated Dayoung from cosmic girls is. She’s extremely talented in all aspects and deserves a whole lot more credit. She’s an amazing dancer, her visuals have really blossomed with SMSY era really accentuating her visuals when she dyed her hair red. She’s hilarious and provides good quality cooking material for her fans. I think it’s sad that she’s one of the most underrated members of WJSN .

Artists under Yuehua are in such a weird position rn. You have Chengxiao and Yibo who were mentors for idol survival shows, Wenhan, Xuanyi, Meiqi, Yixuan and Seungyeon who were/are currently on idol survival shows. The difference in popularity between all the members to the extent that some of them are mentors while other are contestants kind of amazes me.

I know this is “a sin”, but I actually prefere Yeonjun’s high notes in Into the New World to Taeyeon’s. I’m not trying to sound arrogant or superior. Taeyeon is great, but that’s just my opinion.

After watching P101, my image about Yeonjung completely changed. I used to love that talented and cute girl, but after the challenge of the specialities in which she chose vocals, not so much. She was upset she didn’t get to be the center, and that’s totally understandable. But then she started acting like a spoiled child making fed up faces, isolating herself and not trying hard. That was so childish.

The fact that la la love didn’t get a win is criminal. Everything from the dance, song, visuals, stage presence EVERYTHING was on point!

The recent incidents involving SOPA and then the sexual harassment that happened with WJSN’s luda really pisses me off and just serves to remind me that despite the the nice image and colorful MV’s, K-pop is just messy af