Category: Woohyun

Infinite’s Nam Woohyun and B.A.P’s Jung Daehyun are some of the best vocalists in the industry. They showcase their emotions perfectly through every song and they’re also great at controlling their breath, plus their range is amazing too.

In some angles, TWICE’s Jeongyeon looks like INFINITE’s Woohyun.

There’s something a little unnerving about Woohyun, Ken and Sejeong to me. I think it’s because you can clearly tell that they’re very intelligent, but they dumb themselves down on camera to look cute or to be funny. I don’t want to use the word “fake” to describe them, but they’re idols where you can really tell that they have a much greater social awareness than they pretend to have.

I really love infinite, and have been an insipirit for over a year, but I still CANNOT for the life of me, distinguish between L and Woohyun.