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i hadny seen an episode or video of PDX while it aired but i kept seeing people saying PDX’s Suhwan and Yuvin were Woozi and Mingyu lookalikes respectively. i recently stumbled across a few pics and vids of them and i was ?????????????? bc they look nothing like them at ALL. why were there so many people calling them that???????

idk what it is about short male idols (hongjoong, woozi, hwanwoong) but i just love them. my lil’mans.

bumzu and woozi could honestly pass for siblings

I think Woozi from svt is underrated for his talents! And so is hoshi! Creating song lyrics and producing a song is so hard! Choreographing songs are hard too!!! We love kings who create bops

If Woozi dyed his hair red, he would be just like Gaara from Naruto.

Woozi is underrated as a dancer. He’s clean but not too stiff and robotic, like many other kpop dancers.

I demand to know if Chanyeol and Woozi produced a song together when they met so so long ago (and took a selfie in Chanyeol’s studio). I need that song :’(

I feel like Seventeen’s Vernon and Woozi’s faces mixed together would look like Japanese skater, Shoma Uno. I couldn’t help but think that after watching him in the Olympics.

Am the only one that think that Woozi and Suga don’t look alike at all? A lot of people say they look alike but to me they don’t have any similarities look wise. 

I like Seventeen but I feel like I would enjoy them a lot more if they were a smaller group. Maybe Scoups, Hoshi, Woozi, DK, Seungkwan + one of Vernon/Mingyu/Wonwoo as the visual/rapper? I know they have their subunits and whatever but I find it frustrating when some members have 5 or less seconds in title tracks. I dislike the trend of huge groups overall and I know it’s a marketing strategy but it has the opposite effect on me. Nothing against the other members though.