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Xiumin’s spiky hair in Tempo gives me life. Loved that hairstyle on him.

If it wasn’t for CBX, Xiumin would never have been my bias. I mean, he barely sings in EXO songs! But with the subunit, I could see how amazingly talented he is. I know he is tecnicly a dancer, but I love his voice!

When people say that somebody looks like a cat, it’s often just the eyes. But everything about Xiumin is cat-like. He’s probably hiding his tail somewhere.

I have liked Exos title tracks lately and i must say, i never noticed the members ( i liked the style of the mvs) but GOODNESS that Xuimin guy has such presence… i couldnt take my eyes of him even for a second when i watched one of their lives

The truth is that, now that EXO-M basically doesn’t exist anymore, I never managed to get into EXO again. When the group debuted as ‘K’ and ’M’, the ’M’ was my favorite, the members, the songs, they looked more like a group to me then ‘K’ will ever be. So now that they promote only as EXO I wait for Chen’s, Xiumin and Lay’s part like crazy.

I’m not sure if it’s SM’s training or just because Xiumin is a big DBSK fan but sometimes Xiumin’s voice sounds like he would fit right in with Yunho and Changmin

People constantly say EXO’s Xiumin is ugly or that he’s only attractive with abs. That’s going way to far. As far as I’m concerned, anyone that goes as far as bashing someone just because they don’t fit their idea of physical beauty is just showing how ugly they are on the inside. Btw, Xiumin is absolutely gorgeous. So stop calling my beautiful, precious king ugly.

I really like Xiumin a lot, but even though he’s in EXO-CBX and does a bunch of variety shows I feel like people still pay less attention to him than other members/idols.

Minseok is SUCH a talented vocalists and dancer, I dont think he gets enough recognition.

much as I love Xiumin/Minseok, I really don’t like his voice
sometimes. It comes out as nasally or too weak for some songs, but
other songs his voice shines in. I hope his parts can be somewhat
better distributed for what suits his voice even though I know people
are gonna argue that he doesn’t get enough lines. But what’s the
point of more lines if his voice doesn’t suit other parts?