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I really worry about the YG artist that are still with the company. As a huge fan of 2ne1 and BigBang it makes me sad to see where the company is. Not proud of all the things that some of the members of BB did but they did help build a company that i hope can pull through for them to come back to and for the new artist who didn’t have any part in it.

G-Dragon would be the best candidate to be the next YG President.

will people realize that the Big 3 aren’t the top earning companies in
the industry, they’re the three that basically started kpop. You can’t
knock a company out of the big 3 they’re the reason all of your fave
groups exist.

I HATE when people pull the big3 card whenever a big3 artist does well. Yeas, it does have some advantage to be heard (which the artist work hards to get so they deserve it.) but it’s not like Koreans are forcing themselves to listen and like the songs. If the song continue to chart high that means people liked it.

Not about Seungri specifically, but I feel bad for the rest of BigBang and I supposed other YG artists as well. For the rest of Bigbang, they know they’re coming back to a shit show and will be thrust into the spotlight of controversy (that they’re not a part of) and as for them and other YG artists, the company is taking hit after hit and seems to be struggling. I feel bad for all artists not involved having the deal with the brunt of others’ mistakes

It’s clear that YG favors Jennie when they gave her different outfits to wear at each of Blackpink’s tour venues but had the rest of BP wear the same stage outfits.

I like Black Pink, but I strongly dislike YG. So, I don’t want to spend any money on them, even though I want to support the ladies themselves. I wish they would go to another agency.

YG treasure box was just a publicity stunt, none of the fan voting mattered because YGE already had who they wanted in the group sorted out and just wanted to test the public to see how they’d react.

I know many people didn’t care about the show at all but I’ll never get over what a dumb decision YG made with the results of YGTB and the way the whole show was made. It was a mess. Can’t believe he hasn’t learned from his mistakes by letting go of such talented trainees.

How YG treats it’s BP instead of its boy groups is TRASH. All of YG boy groups are insanely talented and it is sad that they get treated like dust while much of the promotion goes to BP.