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Me: *listening to BTS for the first time*

When you see a cute guide dog but you can’t pet it because it’s a hard working professional

Crush: “I am all alone, I really need someon-”


*some kids 25 years later*

+ “Hey, my name is Taehyung”

– “I am Jungkook, nice to meet you”

+ “Your parents are Armys too?”

When people tell you to drop the negative people in your life but you are the negative people in your life



Yoongi: “Okay, who tf made this shit?”


When someone you don’t like walks past and your friend’s like “Oh, there goes your best friend”

©Flame in my heart: Suga

Jimin, rolling over in bed: You awake?
Hoseok, turning to face Jimin: Yeah~ *starts snuggling*
[Meanwhile, in the next room]
Taehyung, rolling over: You awake?
Yoongi: …
Taehyung, poking Yoongi’s back: You awake?
Yoongi, violently rolling over: What the fuck do you want?

Couples costume idea

When you see your mom coming with The Chancla